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Street Light PJU 30 Watt Single Led Housing Cobra

Rp. 1,550,000
Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 Unit
Street Light

Specification of Street Light PJU 30 Watt Single Led Housing Cobra

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lighting is lighting that uses solar
energy stored in batteries and can automatically be used as street lighting at
night. Designed to light public roads using an energy-efficient system using
solar panel modules and energy-efficient LED lights with low wattage and high


1. Solar cell which is an alternative means of
renewable energy which is a source of electricity other than PLN

2. The 10ah controller is a tool for setting up and
becoming a setting point when it is on and when it is off

3. Dry battery / MF / Vrla is a place or container
that will be used in this system to store energy that has been absorbed by the
sun during the day.

4. Led lights are the output of this series, the
lights that we use, the led chips come from America and have been certified.
for the housing we use the ip66 standard.

5. The Panel Box is a place for the battery and
controller to be located, so in this solar power system, the battery and controller
will be included in this box into one series and the box itself is equipped
with a belt and battery clamp so that the battery inside will not fall ,

6. Installation cables, of course, for solar power
systems and PLN will still use cables. The cables that we use are also
standardized and in accordance with the needs of solar power

7. Round / octagonal / hexagonal PJU poles, hotdip
galvanized finishing for solar powered pju we prepare poles using a height
ranging from 7m according to the needs of the choice of okta, hexa or round.
Our PJU poles are galvanized so they won't rust easily.

8. Accessories consist of battery clamps, battery
belts and bolt nuts.


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