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Street Light 30watt Single Led

Rp. 10,800,000
Last Updated
16 Nov 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit
Street Light
Street Light solar cell
We are from UD. Rajawali Perkasa is a distributor of poles and street lights. In addition, we also provide complete solar cell equipment. For more information, please contact our marketing directly or visit our website.
There are many products that we provide to meet the needs of your project in completing the needs of solar cells and devices, such as:

1. Solar Cell / Solar Panel / Solar Power / Solar Panel
Solar Panel itself is a board that has the absorption power to absorb sunlight well so that from 1 solar panel board it can generate electricity, of course if it is accompanied by other tools.
2. BCR / Battery Charge Controller / Solar Charge Controller / BCU
is a tool to control, as the name implies, namely a controller, its task or function is to control when it is turned off or on. Before we will use this controller, we will first set it according to its use. The system we use, of course, comes from a predetermined usage method, which is good and does not make the controller overheat or damage faster.
3. ACCU VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
is a special battery and the most suitable for solar cells. because using this type of battery will be more durable when compared to using other types of batteries such as wet or dry batteries.
4.Single Led street light is thin
Lights with 12 / 24v dc voltage using the best systems and the best materials we use. equipped with a reliable Led Chip.
5. Single Box
The materials for our single or double boxes use powder coating with silver paint. which will not rust quickly.
6. Street light poles
is a pole that will support the lamp so that it becomes a street lamp that is ready to illuminate in the dark. consists of several heights, ranging from 6m, 7m. 8m to 9m apart from that there are 3 types, namely octagonal, hexagonal, and round.
7. Cables and Accessories
cables and accessories will complement the street light so that it lights up perfectly and matches its performance.

Please feel free to contact our marketing or visit our website to see our items ...
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